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Personal development can be a tough journey sometimes, but it is always a highly rewarding one. If you are prepared to make a commitment to yourself and be disciplined in your approach, you can change your life.

Along the way you will become more aware of yourself, your patterns, and your habits. You will discover your own ways of achieving your desired results. Most importantly, you will establish a set of insights, learning points and tools which will serve you for the rest of your life.

To help you get the most out of this website, the Guide has an overview of the various resources available.

For example, my blog uses my own training journals as well as current posts to provide insights into the nature of the work. One entry in particular – The List – offers a comprehensive summary of the development process. For information on how the coaching works, click on Procedure, or read the client testimonials.

Intensive Weekend Retreats

Working together with a close friend and personal trainer, Marcus Nelson, we run exclusive weekend retreats (limited to a maximum of 5 people) for mind and body. We hold them at a beautiful, peaceful location in the idyllic Derbyshire countryside, in the UK. They are a chance for you to create clarity for yourself, make life-changing breakthroughs, and equip yourself to be strong on the Outside & Inside.

Contact me for further details. See also the blog post, Outside & Inside, as well as other related posts under the category Retreats. Our next retreat is planned for Spring/Summer 2019 (dates to be announced).

Tuesday Seminars

Tuesday SeminarsThere are also the summaries and videos of the 2016 Tuesday Seminars. In the video below, I was asked ‘What is the biggest lesson people need to learn?’ My response encapsulates the importance of seeing our conditioning as clearly as possible, letting go of what no longer works for us, and understanding that what remains is more beautiful and more powerful than we realise.

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