Awareness of Mood

Monday 13 March, 2000

I am learning all the time. The past 5 weeks have opened my eyes to so much. This week I feel more emotionally stable than last week. It is now up to me to try and maintain this stability.

Karaj told me yesterday that now I am happy it is my responsibility to keep it that way. If I become unhappy it’s because I have caused it. It is not a problem if my mood changes. Quite the opposite; it is an opportunity to learn something. If I am aware of my mood and it changes then I am able to identify the cause.

At the moment I am content with my situation. I’m enjoying my work and the relationship with Karaj. I’m looking forward to returning to Germany and I am very happy with my progress towards being a better being.

2 Responses to “Awareness of Mood”

  1. Eveline Says:

    Being a better (human) being – and the awesome results it generated! Xxx

  2. Jonathan Lewis Says:

    Thank you, K. For so much.

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