Monday 10 April, 2000

My back was painful over the weekend. I exercised moderately on Saturday and Sunday but I did not keep to the routine I have during the week. This, more than anything, causes me to feel low.

I did not go back to my home town this weekend yet I felt down, if only slightly, on Sunday and Monday. It is important to keep to my exercise routine. As I have said before, my back and my mood are closely linked; so much so that a few simple exercises can do a very good job of cheering me up.

It is also important to observe and acknowledge my present position in order to be able to monitor the progress I make. I’ll do that tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Routine!”

  1. George Says:

    It is amazing how important routines are for us, they give us stability and certainty in life. Long may they continue.

  2. Jonathan Lewis Says:

    Well said, George.

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