Physical & Psychological

Sunday 30 April, 2000

During this morning’s stretching exercises I felt a nerve pain as I was bending forward. This happens from time to time if I’m not careful and is usually both painful and demoralising. But this time, although it was still painful, it felt liberating and, thereafter, my back felt just a little bit more free and flexible.

I look on it as a release of some of the psychological pain in my back. Karaj has told me there are two pains in my back: the physical and the psychological. Today, it seemed there was a painful readjustment as some of the psychological burden was eased.

I think this was facilitated by freeing myself from my relationship with Samantha (although I’m certainly not completely free of it). Good work. Also, my general trend towards independence, standing on my own two feet and supporting myself is manifesting itself physically.

I’m getting there. Well done.

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  1. George Says:

    Good one. We do not applaud our successes unless others tell us. Good to remind ourselves how well we are doing.

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