Celebrate More Often

Thursday 26 October, 2000

Today I feel tired and stiff after yesterday’s exertions, but I’m more contented than the previous few days. I noticed this morning, in the minute or two between getting up and starting my exercises, that I (or my mind) was trying to make me feel bad. As I recall it wasn’t anything in particular, it was just general pessimism and gloom. If this is how I start my day it is no wonder I worry so much.

Karaj said yesterday that we will have to celebrate our achievements in the garden. As I sit here now, I wonder whether I could benefit from celebrating my own progress more often. I don’t celebrate my achievements at all. I am too busy hurrying to make more progress. If I allow myself a regular celebration of who I am and what I have achieved, it will help me to keep my focus on just how far I have come.

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  1. George Says:

    Timely reminder, just when I think that I have taken a step backwards with the work I am doing here. In fact what I have had to do will make the overall finished work so much better. I simply need to stop, think and then pat myself on the back, rather than worry about how much more work is involved. Thanks H

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