Creating the Life I Want

Friday 15 December, 2000

It is so important to me to live the life I am living and to achieve the life I want to live, that I leave myself no other option than to do exactly that. Furthermore, the resolve to live my life the way I want has already created the ideal opportunities for me to do so, and I will continue to create those opportunities. It is hard work but for me there is nothing which is as worthwhile as the work I am doing on myself.

Another good day. There has been a very positive, relaxed, confident (but not cocky) feel to this entire week. Karaj and I worked very hard to create the 2nd Newsletter and, as is the norm for us, we worked very well. With the articles written, we put the newsletter together in 3 hours and finished about 8:30pm. I was tired and very satisfied with our work, and although I had been looking forward to a quiet, relaxing night on my own, I have learnt enough by now to know that not only do my plans rarely work out, my time with Karaj is both beneficial and precious.

We went for a meal which rounded off a highly successful day perfectly. It was a fitting celebration for the day, the week and the newsletter.


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