Contact Can Often Be Enough

Wednesday 14 March, 2001

Today I received a letter from Francis. It was a lovely letter. The dialogue continues [When I left Germany in 1999, Francis and I had agreed to maintain contact only through writing letters to each other]. He writes very well and makes some excellent points about life, about people and about himself. In his letter he asks me what I think about comparisons with other people. He couldn’t have asked a more pertinent or more relevant question. He loved the newsletter and was delighted to be a part of it. I put together a compilation of recent diary entries for Francis about making comparisons:

Dev phoned but I missed his call. He left a message saying he will be arriving between 9-10pm on Friday and that Robert won’t be with him. That’s good because I am not too keen on having Robert in my house. He is too polite and flimsy. But that is a reflection of my own over-politeness and inability to communicate my needs.

Later on, whilst I was trying to get to sleep, Sunil phoned. His mood has been fluctuating over the last few days and we just chatted about a few things. I remembered Karaj’s words about simply being with people. They don’t necessarily need answers or solutions, because very often the contact is enough to empower them to find their own solutions. After his call I tried again to get to sleep. I couldn’t, so I got up and exercised.

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