Still Complacent

Sunday 3 June, 2001

6.30 E&M 90 mins. I walked to the house this afternoon and felt the same resentment as yesterday for the disturbance to my withdrawal. At the house I enjoyed Kuldip’s company but when Karaj arrived and we came to do some work on the final hedge, I really had no enthusiasm at all. It took well over an hour for me to feel any sort of motivation but, as usual, I eventually felt great for the physical exertion and the accompanying quietening of the mind.

My back has been painful this afternoon and evening. This is partly because I overdid it with enthusiastic exercises this morning. I am still complacent. Very often, when things go well, it never occurs to me to be careful; neither during nor afterwards. Be careful in future. Especially considering that the more progress I make the more damaging my slip-ups will be.

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