Be With People

Friday 26 April, 2002

Again, I started the day being very quiet; remembering my seriousness. It is a strength of mine. When I begin to get jokey it all too often gets out of hand and I lose control. Later, I isolated myself, using lunch as a convenient pretext to be away from Karaj and Sunil who were fixing the lawnmower. I did get involved towards the end and was pleased to be able to play some part in fixing it. Wake up and be with people!

In the afternoon all three of us worked together, and worked well, to construct the shelving on the back of the house adjoining the patio. I really enjoyed the work, engaged as I was with the job and the people.

In the supervision, Karaj told me I’m good – that’s why I’m here – and that if I don’t act now and take the opportunities as they come my way I will lose out. Robert contributed by saying that it has become his ground rule that he is highly effective and that he can do whatever he has to do. These comments highlight my problem with myself: I know I have the ability but I lack the self-belief.

[Karaj: It has nothing to do with belief. Do what you need to do NOW. If you miss the opportunity, you won’t do anything.]

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