Make Use Of Others

Thursday 17 October, 2002

Imogen arrived for her session with Karaj, but first the three of us went for breakfast together. Imogen talked about raising issues. Karaj explained that we need to raise them with others who can then work through them with us. Eventually we will be able to deal with them ourselves, but we need to use others first. Verbalise and raise issues in the group.

Summary: much better. Worked well this morning, and all because I knew more about what I was doing. And why was that? The to-do list. Plain and simple. Don’t forget this again. In addition I have moved away from recording the accuracy of the times for my activities and concentrated on workload: getting things on the list and getting them done. I feel better in myself for this. Yoga is going well, health is improving and I have not had much pain in my stomach today. Still personalising things and fucking myself up when Karaj challenges me. Really want to sort this out. I have to maintain myself in a solid enough state to be able to take the challenges appropriately. So, do whatever it takes to achieve this: to-do list & procedures.

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