Sufficient Numbers

Sunday 22 December, 2002

Read more of β€˜Emergence’, by Steven Johnson. For the ‘colony’ to work, there have to be sufficient numbers. How many did Karaj work with in India?

Later there was a call from Dev, along with his fax on the liability of SHG members. I had no real interest in his call and his fax was nothing more than what we had all brainstormed last Sunday with a couple of lines from him added to the end. And that took a week to do?

I talked to Karaj about emergence. He worked with 5000-6000 people in India – what a colony – but Buckminster Fuller says that 6-8 is an ideal number. We also talked about Christmas in Rugby. Me and my script, going back home, to be fed by my mother. No. I am quite happy not to go. I hadn’t expected the invitation this year and I could do with some time to myself to reflect.

I spent the afternoon and evening with Aubrey. I took a nostalgic walk along the route I had taken for two years and which I haven’t walked for over a year. It brought back all sorts of happy memories of finishing work and walking home through the sunshine to an empty house where I could relax. As I walked, I appreciated my life over the last few years and how fortunate I have been to be in such a privileged position. Aubrey and I went to the pub together to watch the game, followed by dinner and a quiet evening with his family.

On my return I chatted briefly with Karaj. Apparently Simran has been here all afternoon. However, he has left no note, nor has he recorded his call to Shona in the book. I don’t like the fact that he has been creeping around.

Summary: another quiet day. Glad I wasn’t here when Simran was around. I enjoyed Aubrey’s company. He is a perceptive man.

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