Forget The Emotions

Wednesday 15 January, 2003

I chatted to Karaj. He is fed up with the Sikhs messing around and not taking control of their lives. This ties in with phone conversations I had yesterday with Dev and Simran. Dev was showing his emotional side again with a work issue: ‘It’s great one minute, then it’s daunting’. I told him to forget the emotions and just get on with the job. After the call to Simran I had the feeling he is trying too hard. I checked this with Karaj. Simran is trying too hard and he could do with easing off a little. However, Karaj added, at the moment it is okay because, in a way, that’s all he can do.

George and Harriet arrived and within minutes my office was in chaos as the two of them spread out their paperwork. I began to feel resentment at this and then I relaxed and just observed. It was enough just to see what was going on, what was being created. I didn’t need to be affected by it (forget the emotions) and, with that thought, I wasn’t.

For the next two hours I prepared everything for the Wednesday Supervision Group. There was much to be done: food to prepare, bread to buy, agendas to be input, the procedure to explain, printer to test (feedback from George on this last point was β€˜systematic and very effective work’).

Because I was not affected by the chaos and emotions from earlier, I could function very well in all of this. I delegated, listened to suggestions, took responsibility, involved others, made them accountable, challenged them when they were not good enough (Ishwar). The group itself was a long one – finishing at 02:00 – but we covered all 20 items on the agenda. I was fully involved and contributed throughout.

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