Serving Others

Sunday 27 April, 2003

The five of us sat together once Dev, Simran and Kuldip had arrived. As Karaj highlighted yesterday, the Asians in the group are a gift. They have given me a perspective on relating to white people. It’s so much easier now. When Karaj and I go out into the world people will be equally difficult to communicate with so I need the practice, because I cannot afford to react emotionally in such situations.

My reflection after the session centred on the amount of sexual content in people’s games. They are literally getting off on manipulating people, playing the victim, persecuting people etc. It also occurred to me that I am not aware of this.

I got to work on people’s agenda items. I set Ishwar up on the computer and assisted him. Sat with Calvin and worked through his work memo then typed it up. I found Priya crying in the sunken garden and did not get sucked into rescuing her. I just gave her some tissues and left her to it. Then, after working with Simran to install a new power supply in Dev’s computer (his hard drive is knackered), I prepared for another supervision session by making sure people were ready with all their paperwork to hand for a speedy run through.

In just over two hours, we went through Calvin’s memo; Simran’s letter to his son; Simran’s house rules (rubbish); Kuldip’s contract (needs work and the group’s input); printed Ishwar’s form for use in his department; finishing off with people’s summary feedback.

People left early today – 18:00 – and I reflected that when I have work to do I can easily get irritated by intrusions from others, but today I put my work aside and contributed to everyone around me. I spent the day serving others and it was a pleasure. In the evening I relaxed and felt very comfortable about where I am. By that, I mean my physical location: this house. I am in a good place.

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