You’re Into Analysis Now

Sunday 25 May, 2003

Kuldip arrived at 08:45. So much for my lie-in! People were supposed to be here at 10.00. I lay back down and was woken 10 minutes later by Michelle. Another one who didn’t listen last night when Karaj told everyone what time to be here this morning. I went upstairs out of everybody’s way and slept for another two hours. When I came back down, Karaj told me to clear my desk of paperwork at night so that first thing in the morning all I see is tidiness rather than seeing work and thinking, ‘Oh fuck, there’s work to be done.‘ (I’d left notes on my desk of Ishwar’s letter to his dad to be done before noon). I stood outside and admired the garden. The flowers are coming out. It is a special place where everything works.

I typed up Ishwar’s letter to his father. It moved me deeply; it’s always the same when one human being is nice to another. I took a break and chatted to Dev (and Michelle) about it. Even if I did not have the best parenting, the influence of Ishwar’s father touches my life through my c

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