We’re In Limbo

Wednesday 18 June, 2003

Karaj and I went on a road trip to run some errands. Afterwards I just wanted Karaj to keep on driving. I had no motivation to do anything. We chatted about where we are. We don’t know what to do with the people (Simran, Dev, Priya etc.) or how to control them. We’re in limbo. We’re moving the office forward but we’re not yet there. There is lots of negativity to clear but neither of us can be bothered.

Wednesday Supervision Group. Simran was challenged on his behaviour. It led to the evening’s seminar on fines. The best way to tackle a passive aggressor is by saying: ‘You are an intelligent man. Use your intelligence.’ If I advise Simran, that is a rescue and he will persecute me.

Fines are unfair when the person acts unknowingly, i.e. when they are in script. However, fines are fair when the person acts knowingly, i.e. they break procedures. In addition, if people are afraid of making mistakes, they are playing a game. This brought further clarity to the fines. That’s why Simran’s fines are such simple ones; because he’s being fined for making mistakes he shouldn’t be making.

Summary: Again, I took a while to get going this morning but worked well with Karaj. Good verbalisation. I’m taking things in my stride and doing okay despite the daily tiredness and irritation. A good day. Don’t get cocky.

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