Just Keep Going

Tuesday 15 July, 2003

In the presence of Ishwar, Serena and Simran, Karaj said this: ‘I had two previous clients who came here to con me and prove me wrong. Simran (& Priya) are doing the same. Jonathan came here to seek the truth. That is why he is still here. So I have Jonathan and Ishwar working at the top level. Let’s move forward. George is getting there and he will bring Leon with him.

Over lunch I talked to Serena about her family – she suffered regularly at the hands of her mum and dad – and about getting away from families. We also discussed the different experiences which different siblings have in the same family. Me and my brother, her and her sister. I talked about how beneficial it has been for me to challenge others. Also, by verbalising every feeling I have, I can determine which feelings are genuine and which are fantasy or paranoia.

In the supervision session, we addressed the meeting Ishwar attended today for the European Excellence Model (EEM). There was no enthusiasm from Ishwar and no learning points. I rescued him and Karaj told me that is why I am not moving forward. Karaj and I then talked about how we cannot move forward until we have sorted Simran, Priya and the others. If we survive 2003 then we can thank God. In contrast to Ishwar’s report on his meeting, I had reported everything last night about my weekend – the events, learning points, insights, comparisons – and as a result we all benefited.

Worked with Simran and Ishwar to come up with 20 learning points from Ishwar’s meeting. It was hard at first but eventually a lot came out. Then, in the supervision session, we related each of his learning points to the whole EEM. Simran was also challenged for not following instructions. After the others left Karaj and I chatted in the sunken garden. Karaj: ‘Just keep going. Give thanks for each day safely negotiated. That’s all we can do. One day the tiredness will go.

Summary: A full day. Just keep doing what I’m doing.

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