Friday 29 April, 2011

In Transactional Analysis, ‘drivers‘ are the behavioural patterns we unconsciously and repeatedly fall back on, particularly in times of stress. They are the elements which drive our behaviour.

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Experiencing Yourself

Tuesday 26 April, 2011

There are a few recent journal entries from 11 years ago missing. I have left them out because they are just me going round in circles following the ending of my relationship from that time (see the entry, ‘Listen to Myself’). I ended up writing her a letter telling her what I thought of her. But I never sent it. I wanted to because I felt she needed to know what I had written. But Kuldip, who arrived just as I had finished writing it, told me not to. There was no need. I remember Karaj’s words from the post, ‘Love & Compassion’‘If I have to criticise, I walk away.’

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Controlled Experiments

Saturday 23 April, 2011

In the previous post (‘We Already Know’) I wrote that we already have the answers we are looking for. But how can we be sure? How do we distinguish the genuine from the misleading? One question I remember raising with Karaj early in my training was, ‘How do I know the thought/feeling I’m having is genuine and not a construct of my mind?’

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We Already Know

Wednesday 20 April, 2011

Before I began my training I was reading a lot of books. Mostly science books, but others too, all in an attempt to understand the world around me. When I started my training one of the first things Karaj told me was to stop reading. For the time being at least, there was no need. I have all the answers I am looking for. They are all within me.

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Analysis, Awareness & Inspiration

Friday 15 April, 2011

Today’s journal entry from 11 years ago (‘Navigating Our Way’) is typical of the work I did during my training and the work I do now with my clients. The entry is an analysis of the kind of discounting feeling which occurs all too often and which, until we observe it and see it clearly, will persist.

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Measurable Results

Monday 11 April, 2011

Results should be measurable. This is always useful but not always easy. How do you quantify certain things? Wealth, possessions and number of friends are easily-measured units of success. But what about other things like contentment, satisfaction or happiness? Or personal development?

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Where’s Your Focus?

Friday 8 April, 2011

This day’s historical post reflects on an unsuccessful attempt to practice some elements of personal development. It didn’t work. At all. But if we look back one day further we find the source of the problem.

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Time Structuring

Thursday 7 April, 2011

This is how Transactional Analysis defines our use of time. It is an example of the simplicity of TA because whatever we are doing, it falls into one of only six categories. More importantly, knowing that these steps form an effective social procedure and that each of the first four elements is necessary for constructive, engaging interactions, will improve how we relate to each other and create more effective connections.

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The ‘How’ is Unimportant

Monday 4 April, 2011

Looking at the entry from 11 years ago, there is a sentence right in the middle which states: ‘I just couldn’t understand how it was supposed to work.

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Friday 1 April, 2011

If you can be clear about what it is you want, then it’s already on its way. The rest is pretty straightforward. It’s about recognising and taking the opportunities as they come your way, which they will. And you will see the opportunities, because you are focused on what it is you want to achieve.

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