The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Wednesday 29 June, 2011

Once again, I had my doubts about posting entries from my journal. This time it concerned the two most recent ones, Confirmation of What I Always Knew and, in particular, the one prior to that, Should. With the latter especially, I debated with myself whether to publish such introspection. Reading it made me feel less sure of myself, vulnerable, even inferior, and my thoughts turned to my peers and how some of them probably don’t have such doubts about themselves.

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It’s Like Learning a Language

Wednesday 22 June, 2011

I often compare personal development to learning a language. This post sheds some light on that comparison, drawing parallels between the two most fulfilling processes and achievements of my life. During my own training and now, in the work I do with clients, the emphasis is on self-awareness. It can be an intense experience. Because we are so focused on observing ourselves, our natural behaviour can become inhibited. For many, this appears overwhelming and restricting.

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Why is This Happening?

Tuesday 14 June, 2011

Every day, all year round, things happen to us. But we don’t question why they happen. We can’t, there are too many. But we can question the bigger things. And we do. But it’s how we question them, which makes it all so interesting. I spoke with a friend recently who asked what if the fears she faces are real rather than imagined? The answer to the question is simple: it’s not about the fear. It’s about ourselves and it’s about taking the opportunity to grow as individuals and improve who we are.

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The Importance Of Feelings

Monday 6 June, 2011

This is a big topic, so this post confines itself to a summary of the latest three journal entries from 11 years ago, which place the emphasis on deciphering my own feelings rather than worrying about other people’s; and making a conscious choice to feel rather than analyse when listening to someone. The post looks briefly at the evolution of the brain and explains why feelings are so important in our daily lives.

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