All In Good Time

Wednesday 31 August, 2011

Posting the recent journal entries from 11 years ago, in particular Patience & Comparisons and The Mind, I was left reflecting on whether I had actually made any progress with the aspects mentioned in those posts. Have I become more patient? Do I still compare myself with others? And has the influence my mind has over me waned at all?

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Innate Motivation

Friday 12 August, 2011

This is the stuff we carry inside of us. When we have it we don’t need persuading, we don’t need added incentives and we don’t need much by way of reward. When we have innate motivation, we do things because it is easier to do them than not do them.

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It’s My Script

Monday 8 August, 2011

This entry looks at the nature of script and provides background information for the sequence of 11 historical posts between 23rd July 2000 (‘Brothers & Mothers‘) and 11th August 2000 (‘Clearing Out My Life‘). The title of this post is not an excuse or a justification of behaviour. I am not blaming anything on my script. Instead, I am talking about my script, rather than someone else’s, and how it is my responsibility to sort it out.

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Attachment & Feedback

Sunday 7 August, 2011

In this post I talk about my attachment to the first company logo I designed and how it took some direct feedback, followed by a little time for the feedback to sink in, before I did anything about it. It is also an excellent example of what I describe in ‘The Process’. In September of last year I met with a man who specialises in corporate design. I met him because I was looking for better business cards. I wasn’t really looking to alter the design – just change a couple of words – but he took time to discuss his work with me.

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