Enjoy The Journey

Friday 30 September, 2011

It is not uncommon for my clients to express concern; to worry about the attainment of their goals. When they do, my advice is always the same: assume you will get there and then enjoy the journey. Achieving the latter helps to guarantee success with the former. This post is about just that: enjoying the whole process, safe in the knowledge that you will succeed.

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Tough, Challenging & Beautiful

Thursday 22 September, 2011

This post looks at recent journal entries from 11 years ago to provide guidance about the process of personal development. In doing so the post offers reassurance that, although it sometimes seems hard, it is the most fulfilling work we can do for ourselves. It can be difficult, demanding and frustrating, but it is also captivating, illuminating and empowering.

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It’s the Future

Saturday 10 September, 2011

In recent months I have found myself saying that personal development is the future. The first time I said it, I was talking with a friend and it sounded to me a little like an attempt to market myself. The next time I said it, I felt more of a force behind my words. Now when I say it, I can see where my conviction comes from.

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