The Reality of Worry

Sunday 30 October, 2011

In the instant we worry, that is our reality. But there is always an alternative. This post looks at the nature of worry and examines the possibilities available to us to change our reality. It was written after posting a number of recent journal entries from 11 years ago, which show how easily I worried and how limiting it can be.

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Make A Connection

Monday 24 October, 2011

There are a few phrases I remember very well from my training because I heard them so often. One of them was a challenge that could be heard in the silences which sometimes followed people’s contributions to the group: ‘Make a connection, people. Make a connection.’ Each time he said it, Karaj was asking us to connect with each other. Nothing else. Just connect. He always urged us to look for the humanity in people and this was allied to that.

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Heisenberg, Observation & Growth

Wednesday 19 October, 2011

On my homepage I write that personal development is a tough but rewarding journey. And so it is. The hard work and application necessary to work on ourselves is balanced out by a number of benefits:

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Monday 10 October, 2011

In this post I look at two sporting stories from my youth to show how quality can make a difference to our lives. The first recalls the influence a coach had on me simply because he insisted on quality. The second story tells of a time when I was inspired to raise my level of performance by the abilities of my opposite number.

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