Better Strategies

Wednesday 29 February, 2012

The first time I complimented her she said, ‘Thank you‘. I asked her where she had learnt to react in such a way. She told me her father had taught her. I was impressed. Especially because there are others who negate or deny compliments. When that occurs neither person benefits. But here was someone who knew how to create a win-win situation in which both the giver and the receiver of the compliment walk away with a smile. A most effective strategy.

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You Are in Everything You Do

Tuesday 14 February, 2012

We are present in every movement, every task and every interaction. In the same way, we are contained in whatever we create. In this post I offer two examples which highlight firstly how much information is available about ourselves (and others), and secondly how important it is to carry out everything to the best of our ability. Both stories relate to my own personal development training in the UK.

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The Slightest Change

Monday 6 February, 2012

A small shift is sometimes all it takes to move forward. The slightest change of any aspect connected with the whole (be that your goal, the group, the situation, or your future) can be enough. It can be a straightforward commitment to make a difference, a sharpening of focus, a moment of clarity, an intention expressed in a conversation, or simply a note written on a piece of paper. Any one of those can be enough to effect a transformation, move you out of a rut, contribute to those around you, or set in motion a chain of events which will lead to an improved pattern of behaviour.

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