When It All Comes Together

Tuesday 12 June, 2012

15 months. That’s how long it’s been since March last year when I began publishing my training journals on this blog. In total, with the addition of the two months prior to the start of the journals (going back to my original goals from January 2000), it’s nearly 1½ years of development work. There are still another 2½ years of entries to be published, but it is worth taking a snapshot now of the latest ones from 11 years ago to see what was happening.

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It’s Easier To Look At Yourself

Saturday 2 June, 2012

Of the seven billion people who live on our planet, there are at least one billion (conservative estimate) who have the capacity to annoy me very easily. So here’s a question: do I a) spend my energy trying to change their behaviour in order to reduce the chance of annoyance; or b) find a way of just not getting annoyed?

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