Gathering Evidence

Monday 27 August, 2012

We are not always who we think we are. All too often we allow those mischievous thoughts in our head to rule. The voices which tell us we can’t when actually we can. Or that we are, when in reality we are not. If we believe them, they can lead us to have an inflated opinion of ourselves or to dismiss our talents. The best way to correct such disparities is to gather evidence of who we are. Incontrovertible, undeniable evidence. Evidence of our abilities and qualities, but also our blind spots and shortfalls; the aim being to know ourselves as fully as possible. Beyond that pursuit, the goal is to have the picture which people have of us agree with the picture we have of ourselves. Congruency.

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All Day, Every Day

Monday 13 August, 2012

That’s what he kept saying. The fastest man ever. “All day, every day.” The Olympic Games have come and gone, and the essence that remains is contained in those four words. I saw people in tears because they had won a gold medal and I saw people in tears because they hadn’t. Others rejoiced because they finished third, or simply because they had made the final. Some were elated just to be there; to be part of the Olympics and to know they would forever be an Olympian. Being present, pushing themselves and competing at the very highest level with the best in their field had been their goal. All day, every day.

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