We Change Anyway

Saturday 24 November, 2012

This week was the final session. The last in a series of nine workshops I have been running over the last six months with a team in Amsterdam. The main goal was to enhance the group’s communication and personal development by raising their level of awareness. This post is a reminder to them that they have achieved more than they may realise. It also highlights that the power of development work can be found in the simplest of comments.

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Note To Self: Fight

Thursday 15 November, 2012

There is always another perspective. It makes no difference how we view what is happening to us, there is more than one way of seeing things. For example, when events don’t go our way we have the option to give up or fight on. This post is a reminder to myself as much as anyone that no matter how much we may be tempted to surrender to what we believe our fate to be, there is another path we can choose. One which sees us stand up and fight.

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It’s The Thought That Counts

Wednesday 7 November, 2012

Opening new doors can be as simple as closing old ones. Simple, but not always easy because there can be a tendency to hold on to elements of our lives which no longer serve a purpose. Out of habit, sentimentality, or a lack of awareness we accrue unfinished episodes which seem to lie dormant but which have a greater impact than we realise. And when that impact is detrimental, we are better off doing something about it. When we do, we immediately create space for more appropriate people and experiences to enter our lives.

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