Just To Recap…

Monday 22 April, 2013

For those of you new to this blog, here is the essence of the story so far: Karaj was an unconventional therapist, whose lack of social skills meant he could cut through people’s games and surface-level politeness to see straight to the core of what it means to be human. I spent four years learning as much as I could from him. Early on I asked him how he did it. He replied, ‘It’s simple. Anyone can do it. I’ll show you.’ And he did. And he was right, it is simple. But the process of getting there was hard.

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To Serve

Thursday 18 April, 2013

Two years into the journal posts and the word is starting to appear more frequently. Serve. Serve others. Serve yourself. In time, it became one of the major lessons I took from my years with Karaj. He impressed upon us the importance of serving. He told us how much of an honour it is to serve someone and that his goal was always to serve and remain unnoticed, invisible.

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An Altered Landscape

Thursday 11 April, 2013

Whilst writing the previous post, ‘It Works. Beautifully.’, I realised that, not only was the experience described there the most positive I have ever had, it has also bestowed on me a feeling that my landscape has been altered. The beauty she and I created permeates my existence and, consequently, I now inhabit a more serene place. Because of her. Because of us.

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It Works. Beautifully.

Saturday 6 April, 2013

There were times I wished I’d never started. And there were times I wondered whether all the personal development work I was doing was even worth it. Of course it was, but doubts still surfaced. There have been confirmations along the way, like the feedback from a close friend, recorded in No Longer Who I Used To Be; and I am also able to look back over my journals and see the extent to which the time spent working with Karaj has changed my life. But if I ever needed anything I could call conclusive proof that it was a good decision to devote myself to such an intense journey, it arrived four years after my training and will stay with me forever.

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