Eyes Closed, Eyes Open

Friday 24 May, 2013

Following on from the previous post, ‘An Unconscious Strategy’, this piece looks at how we can make the world a better place and influence our evolution in the most positive way possible, by becoming more conscious of what happens on the inside and more aware of what happens on the outside. 

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An Unconscious Strategy

Tuesday 21 May, 2013

Nature is exquisitely and ingeniously lazy. She builds strategies into life in order to simplify her work. Brilliant really, because once those strategies are in place, nature is able to relax and enjoy the show as the beauty and complexity of life unfolds. Natural selection – the process by which organisms best adapted to their environment are the ones most likely to survive and reproduce – is perhaps her greatest achievement. But in a finite world, the success of natural selection hinges on one strategy in particular, without which the progression of life towards ever more complex organisms would not be possible: competition.

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Evolution By Natural Reflection

Monday 6 May, 2013

[For those of you looking for information about my book, please click here. What follows is the original blog post, from which the title of the book is taken.]

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There’s no need to shout about who you are. Just be yourself, fully. I was once asked how one recognises aware people. Initially, I answered that they are the quiet ones, but that is not particularly helpful because not all quiet people are aware, and there may be some aware people who are not quiet. I added that there is no need to look for them. Focus on yourself, and when the time is right, they will find you.

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