Surrender Can Be A Strength

Saturday 25 January, 2014

In the end he ran away. Literally. I stood at the door and watched him hurry down the pathway and beyond the hedge, as if he were late for his next appointment. A few days later he left a message to say he would not be returning. Robert was an engaging character: erudite, highly educated and a master of language. Unfortunately, as far as his development process was concerned, his intellect (or rather his cleverness) was his downfall. Karaj highlighted it many times to him, but it wasn’t enough.

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Thursday 23 January, 2014

I admire those who have more than I do, and I revel in exercising my own. Discipline is one of the core requirements of personal development. Without it we achieve very little. However, if we have it and we use it, not only does it produce results, it is also a source of empowerment. This post looks at the simplicity, versatility and necessity of discipline. As with any ingredient of success, discipline can be practised. Anywhere. We can hone our skills wherever and whenever we want and then bring them to bear on other areas of our life. Every little helps. We can even draw on disciplined episodes from our past to help us increase the amount of control we apply in the present, saying to ourselves: ‘I did it then, so I can do it now’.

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Why We Need Boundaries

Friday 17 January, 2014

Establishing boundaries is a vital part of life. On the surface it looks to be more restrictive than liberating, but therein lies the paradox. Only when you set the boundaries do you have clarity about what is permitted and what is not. In sport, it is the rules and regulations which shape the game. In business we draft contracts which provide a precise framework for collaboration. Without rules every contest would quickly descend into chaos; a free-for-all with everyone doing whatever they wanted. Interestingly, one of the causes of the latest financial crisis was the deregulation of the institutions.

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The Exponential Curve

Thursday 9 January, 2014

It’s tough to begin with. It always is. But without a beginning there can be no progress, no achievement, no change. We procrastinate, hoping for motivation or inspiration to get us going, but are more often prompted by desperation, in the form of a deadline or a personal crisis. So what makes it so difficult to start something? And why is it that, well after we have begun, it still feels as though we’re getting nowhere? It’s partly a lack of awareness of the process itself. But mostly it has to do with one aspect in particular: the exponential curve.

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