Note To Self: Accept Invitations

Monday 24 March, 2014

As an introvert, my default position when I receive an invitation is almost always: No thanks. (Notable exceptions include weddings, some birthdays and close friends.) I am aware of my reluctance, which means it is less likely to influence me. I also understand that too much of anything can be harmful (in this case, isolation) and my experience tells me that social situations can actually be fun, so I tend to accept invites more easily these days. But not automatically.

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Write A Different Story

Friday 21 March, 2014

Whilst editing this whole blog into three volumes, I became tired of reading about my negativity in the mornings. I also grew weary of the repetitive nature of the discoveries I was making. It seemed as though I was forgetting everything that had gone before, reinventing the wheel every day and excitedly recording my findings, but not actually doing anything with them.

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Acceptance & Permission

Sunday 16 March, 2014

The previous post was all about dealing with undesirable situations in a procedural way. This one looks at the flip side of that approach, suggesting that sometimes it is better just to accept where and who we are, and give ourselves the permission to be. In doing so, we can relax and conserve our energy, or focus it more effectively, instead of struggling against what is often just a natural part of life’s process.

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Patterns, Procedures & Routines

Friday 14 March, 2014

There are times when even the best intention to succeed is not enough because events or, more commonly, emotions conspire against us. When that happens, it is worth remembering that there is almost always something you can do about it. This post is a reminder of that, and offers ways to facilitate a more effective process away from those unwanted scenarios.

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Who Updates Your Software?

Tuesday 11 March, 2014

One click is all it takes. Sometimes two if you have to accept the new terms and conditions (which you do blindly and with the exasperation of an extra, unnecessary step.) That is all you do and the update flows into your machine, to be absorbed into your current system without any further thought or action. In the worst cases, you have to reboot your device, which is easy to put off for a while but you can’t delay it forever because eventually your software will stop working.

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Three Years, Three Books

Friday 7 March, 2014

This blog is three years old today, and the writing it contains began 14 years ago today. When I first had the idea, I knew it was a good one, but I didn’t think it would serve me so well. Some people wondered whether it might be too personal to put my journals online. There were certainly occasions in the beginning when I debated whether or not to post particular entries, but it’s the nature of what I do, and this blog is my commitment to my work. Happy Birthday.

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