The Subtlety Of Feeling

Tuesday 27 May, 2014

On one particular day last month, a client was struggling to get himself going. He had a routine and a plan, and he had procedures in place for when things got difficult, but whenever he tried to get into his work his efforts were thwarted; partly by a lack of motivation but also – and predominantly – by external conditions: a telephone call, technical problems, unexpected visitors. We had spoken often enough about dealing with such obstacles, but on this occasion I shifted the focus to a more detailed level.

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What Do We Have For Each Other?

Monday 19 May, 2014

For years I had a thought: that people who find themselves sitting next to each other on trains, park benches or pavement cafés, might share something of themselves, find a connection and discover the gift each has for the other. I attended an event on Saturday whose goal was the same: to bring people together in order that they may share, connect and discover. All day people did exactly that in pockets of conversation fostered easily by the workshops and the organisers who, once again, did an excellent job.

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Relax, Your Future’s On Its Way

Thursday 15 May, 2014

Inspired by two communications with former clients this week, this post follows on from the previous two and is the logical next step: Once you know you create your future, you can relax, it’s on its way. And if you relax, you will see it coming over the horizon. However, if you are too busy with your thoughts and concerns, it will pass you by. Whatever our desired future, the temptation is to force it into existence because we want it so much, or we want to know if it works out, or even just because we desperately want to get out of our current situation. We serve ourselves best, however, by relaxing.

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I Created My Environment

Monday 12 May, 2014

Following on from the previous post, Be Careful What You Wish For, this one uses the example of my training group to further the idea that we are capable of wishing situations into existence. We create the environments we desire, whatever the desire. Within the context of my story and the lives of the people who played their part during that time, the reason our respective paths converged was twofold:

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Thursday 8 May, 2014

Every birthday was a chance to make a wish, and throughout my childhood I only remember wishing for two things: a pair of roller skates when I was very young, and a proper leather football. Those wishes spanned close to a decade but it was only some years later that I realised both had come true. For the last 25 years I have been wishing for my health and well-being. As with the roller skates and the football, they too have come my way. This post assumes that wishes can come true and asks the inevitable question: if we get what we wish for, then maybe what we already have is something for which we have already wished.

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The Ivy Of Conditioning

Thursday 1 May, 2014

On my walk this morning I noticed a tree within a tree. When I looked closer I saw there was only one. One tree and a highly successful ivy plant. The darker, more abundant leaves belonged to the ivy, which had made its way up the tree trunk and spread branches of its own in order to secure the resources it needed to prolong and promote its existence. And straining to poke through the healthy-looking foliage was the skeleton of the original tree; its thin branches sparsely populated with the only leaves it could manage, given that its sources of nourishment had been so effectively plundered.

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