And So It Continues…

Monday 8 August, 2016

How you choose to see life makes a difference to your perception of yourself, the world, and your place in it. Your outlook and attitude define the qualities you attribute to the whole of existence. They affect how you think and feel, and, therefore, every experience you have. For example, if you choose to believe in coincidences, life takes on a more random quality as different events simply collide without reason or purpose. In those instances the assumption is that if there is any control over what happens, it is beyond us; aspects of our fate are decided elsewhere.

However, if you choose to believe that coincidences don’t exist, then there is more to life than the apparent randomness; there are explanations for why things happen they way they do; and new possibilities arise which suggest that we may have more power than we realise. (See The Power Of Intention.) That is what this post is about:

Choose a version of existence which makes everything more enjoyable, makes life easier, gives us more control over who we are, offers a more beautiful view of the world, puts us at the centre of our own realities, and bestows upon us an all-powerful ability to create everything we could possibly wish for – just by thinking differently.

Last year, after finishing my book, I wondered where to go with my personal and professional development. Having combed through my journals over and over again, extracting as much as possible from the experiences depicted in their pages, I was left contemplating my next step. Eventually, at the beginning of this year, I rediscovered the kind of spiritual material I had been reading 20 years previously.

Back then, I had moved away from a search for enlightenment because the more I read, the more unattainable it seemed, and I struggled to apply what I was reading. Instead, I immersed myself for a few years in the evidence-based comfort of popular science books. Now, having addressed the practicalities of personal development and returned to the original material, it makes more sense to me.

This entry is a summary of my return to that material. It echoes my very first journal entry, And So It All Began…, from 16 years ago because both pieces represent the beginning of a significant phase in my work. That first post contained a list of ways I could cheer myself up; this latest one offers a list of life-affirming ways to see the world. We may have to overcome our conditioning about how we believe the world to be, but the more we practise what is written below, the more likely we are to shift towards an enriched view of existence. And so it continues…

  1. Let go of everything – thoughts, feelings, identity – and be in touch with what remains at your core. That is the true you. Everything else is superficial, in every sense of the word. (See Drop Everything For A Moment.)
  2. There is only consciousness experiencing itself in an infinite number of ways. You are one of those ways. Everything you are and everything you perceive is pure, infinite consciousness.
  3. Infinity means that everything already exists, right now, all at once. There is, therefore, no ‘time’ because everything exists simultaneously. There is only now.
  4. Also, because everything already exists, there can be no lack of anything. There is only abundance. This one simple truth shows infinity in all its beauty.
  5. When you see everyone as part of the infinite – that we are all expressions of the same consciousness; we are all one; and we have all chosen to be here – you are able to see each other as expressions of yourself. (See Fractals’.)
  6. When you see others as yourself, it is easier to serve them. Serve others and you serve yourself. (See To Serve.)
  7. You create your reality. Everything you experience is a result of your thoughts, desires and beliefs. (You are also part of a collective consciousness which is co-creating its own reality.) Being able to create your reality means that with a few well-chosen and clear thoughts, you can manifest your dreams.
  8. If you don’t like what is happening to you, examine your thoughts and beliefs. They are the forces behind the creation of your reality. Any limiting beliefs you have are not true. Let go of them. Let go of your conditioning, and create different beliefs for yourself which allow you to have whatever you want. Understand this: When you believe it, you will see it.
  9. Your emotions are your feedback mechanism. Negative emotions are a sign that your thoughts, beliefs and actions are out of alignment with your true self and your true purpose. Listen to them and find a way back into alignment. Positive emotions are a sign that you are in alignment with your higher self. (See TS 13 – Feedback Everywhere.)
  10. Know that you have free will, and that the one infinite consciousness supports you in everything you do. Everything. At all times you are supported fully and loved completely.
  11. See your brilliance. Not just in the sense of your talents and abilities, but also your light. See it. Feel it. Be it. Bathe in bright light and use it to restore your cells and heal your body.
  12. Raise your vibration in whatever way you can. Use your imagination to picture how it feels to be peace, purity, love, happiness, calmness, beauty, joy, power, silence, bliss, greatness, infinity, excellence, compassion, forgiveness, magnificence… and anything else which creates a better feeling. This will change everything.
  13. Expand your consciousness and embrace your magnificence in all its forms. By doing so, your contribution to the whole of existence will be extraordinary.
  14. And remember: It’s just a ride. Have fun. Be childlike. Be joyful. Be free. Smile. And be happy always. All ways.
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