Life Is Unimaginably Large

Tuesday 31 January, 2017

Everyone at some point in their life – whether out of desperation or curiosity – has wondered about the meaning or purpose of life. It’s the biggest question there is; and the reason the answer is so elusive is because life itself is so unimaginably large. We struggle to wrap our heads around the size and scope of it and yet, paradoxically, we are life. Fortunately, as I discovered years ago, the solution lies within the paradox. It helps to see life as a fractal, in which the whole is contained in every part: we are a fraction of life, and yet every feature of life is within each of us.

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Talk To Yourself

Wednesday 18 January, 2017

Two of the most effective people I know talk to themselves. One prepares to leave the house by listing out loud what she needs to take with her; and the other chides and encourages himself, making sure he doesn’t succumb to familiar patterns. It seems unnecessary – even crazy – but it’s a compellingly successful method, and all it takes is for us to turn our thoughts into sound. (Incidentally, the reason we think it’s crazy is because we have been conditioned to think that only crazy people talk to themselves.)

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Eleven Days In La La Land

Thursday 12 January, 2017

For a number of reasons I was drawn to watch the same film again and again. Five times in eleven days, in fact. La La Land is a hugely uplifting film imbued with the innocence of love, the naivety of dreams, and the single-minded determination which passion for anything brings. I found myself crying and laughing simultaneously, tapping my feet from the very start, and captivated throughout. I lost myself in the unspoken force of facial expressions, was touched deeply by the songs and the sentiment, and smiled with my whole body at the uncomplicated beauty of love and life. But this post is not about the film; it’s about what happens when you watch something closely and repeatedly. One’s own life, for example.

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You Create Your Reality

Thursday 5 January, 2017

The essence of your present reality was created by you five minutes ago. Or an hour ago. Or a week, a year, a decade ago. (Possibly even a lifetime ago, but that’s for another post.) However long it has taken to appear, whatever is in front of you right now is there because of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world. When you reflect on your life it quickly becomes clear how all the main events have contributed to where you are now and who you have become. Using the same logic, it is safe to assume that whatever you do today will influence your future in some way and help to define who you will be.

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Work On Yourself

Monday 2 January, 2017

There are exceptions to every rule, but for most of the issues we face in life the answer is always the same: work on yourself. Whether you are angry with someone, or you think others should behave differently; whether the world is not how you’d like it to be, or life seems to be dealing you a difficult hand, the solution lies with you. You improve your situation by working on yourself, and there is much you can do because the amount of power and control you have over who you are and what happens to you is huge.

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