The List

Wednesday 16 August, 2017

What follows is a list of many of the most important pieces from this blog. The list makes it easy for you to understand at a glance what is necessary in this work. It takes you through the process of self-development and self-realisation – from awareness, observation and reflection, and back to awareness – offering you guidance on what to expect along the way and what you can do to help yourself.

There is a structure to the list, but you can begin by clicking on the titles which draw your curiosity. (The page numbers in brackets refer to my book.)

  1. Awareness Is The Key (p.12)
  2. It Begins With Awareness
  3. Read The Instructions
  4. Write Stuff Down (p.327)
  5. The Ivy Of Conditioning (p.486)
  6. Thoughts on Conditioning (p.98)
  7. Cultural Conditioning (p.92)
  8. People’s Patterns
  9. Make Sure You’re Okay (p.552)
  10. Work On Yourself
  11. The Choice Is Always Yours
  12. The ‘How’ Is Unimportant (p.17)
  13. Simply Observe (p.100)
  14. Heisenberg, Observation & Growth (p.71)
  15. One Simple Observation (p.118)
  16. Observation As The Gateway
  17. Reflection Of What’s There
  18. Made Beautiful By Reflection (p.366)
  19. Clarity (p.16)
  20. The Power Of Intention (p.543)
  21. It’s The Thought That Counts
  22. Use Life To Make Life Easier
  23. Make Your Own Tools (p.480)
  24. Talk To Yourself
  25. Yes, It Is That Simple
  26. Better Strategies (p.130)
  27. Switching To Manual (p.387)
  28. Find A Way To Open The Valve
  29. Make It All About You
  30. Listen to Yourself (p.289)
  31. Calibrate The Machine (p.440)
  32. Discipline
  33. 300 Days (p.547)
  34. One Thousand Days
  35. If At First You Don’t Succeed… (p.34)
  36. Just When We Think We’ve Made It (p.35)
  37. The Mind (p.59)
  38. How Easily The Mind Goes To Work (p.37)
  39. Quietening The Mind (p.330)
  40. Think Whatever You Want (p.263)
  41. Separate Out The Emotions (p.537)
  42. What Are You Going To Do About It? (p.336)
  43. Prediction (p.36)
  44. Look At The Evidence (p.139)
  45. Gathering Evidence (p.224)
  46. Exploration, Expectation & Non-Attachment (p.95)
  47. Expectations
  48. Beyond Expectations
  49. Life In The Middle (p.346)
  50. Already Perfect
  51. The Exponential Curve (p.444)
  52. Punctuated Equilibrium (p.31)
  53. Progress Report (p.63)
  54. Why We Need Boundaries
  55. Patterns, Procedures & Routines (p.460)
  56. Self-Doubt & Emergency Procedures (p.558)
  57. 4 Hours, 4 Weeks, 4 Months (p.436)
  58. Give Yourself Two Years
  59. Step By Step (p.385)
  60. See Your Progress (p.434)
  61. TS 4 – Practice, Practice… Breakthrough!
  62. Meat & Potatoes (p.248)
  63. Relax, You’re Going As Fast As You Can (p.405)
  64. TS 8 – Relaxation & Balance
  65. Riding & Surviving The Waves (p.413)
  66. Close To A Breakthrough (p.399)
  67. The Fork In The Road (p.418)
  68. Changing Patterns (p.150)
  69. It Can Happen In An Instant (p.366)
  70. Keep Doing What Works (p.361)
  71. It All Comes Down To This (p.421)
  72. And So It Continues…
  73. Are You Still Breathing? (p.520)
  74. TS 7 – Don’t Get Cocky
  75. Distracted By The Shiny Stuff
  76. You Create Your Reality
  77. Limited Only By Our Beliefs
  78. Drop Everything For A Moment
  79. Letting Go On The Bridge
  80. TS 16 – What Happens When We Let Go?
  81. Discovering The True Self
  82. Developing Attachment
  83. Distractions Of The Familiar
  84. Be Quiet, Be Still, & Listen
  85. Inhabiting The Silence
  86. Beyond The Noise
  87. When You Know It’s Possible
  88. Lead By Example
  89. Worry, Love & Freedom
  90. Life Is Unimaginably Large
  91. Astonishingly Simple
  92. Get Out Of The Way
  93. The Conclusion Is Emptiness

For further information, see the related posts at the bottom of many of the above entries. There is also another set of posts which resulted from a series of 18 seminars on the same process. Those seminar summaries go deeper into specific subjects and include videos from each seminar.

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