Love, Trust, Truth & Wonder

Wednesday 28 October, 2020

This is the final regular post for a while. It is time to take another break from writing, and the events of the last few months have provided an ideal place to rest. Here, I wrap up the recent conversations I have had with Karaj which have generated 10 of the last 13 posts. Hopefully, the reader is left with the feeling that it’s possible for all of us to create a place of love, trust and truth in our lives: a sanctuary for ourselves and others. That’s what Karaj succeeded in doing, even though our evaluation of those early years repeatedly pointed to chaos, confrontation and adversity; and even something akin to failure.

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Always A Way Through

Tuesday 20 October, 2020

This piece explains the insight which allowed Karaj to put to rest years of work, and so bring our 20-year story to a satisfying conclusion. At the same time, it is a both an acknowledgement of how difficult it can be to do the things we know we need to do, as well as a reminder that what’s required to find a way through are qualities such as determination and clarity, vulnerability and love… and patience.

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Completing The Cycle

Monday 12 October, 2020

I left on New Year’s Eve 2003, and it has taken almost 17 years to complete something I had no idea needed completing. This post is about completing the cycle of friendship which began with my curiosity and his guidance; my desire to learn and his willingness to show me. What I didn’t realise at the time was that the main reason our friendship has been so effective, is that it was underpinned from the very start by love.

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Keep Clearing Your Path

Wednesday 7 October, 2020

I got married last month, and two days prior to the wedding I spoke with Karaj. He told me that our conversations over the preceding weeks had finally laid to rest the events of our early work together. He remains a master at reflection, not letting up until he feels the breakthrough, and it was the culmination of the deep analysis he has driven since 2014 that led him to declare the matter closed. My immediate thought was about about my wedding and something he taught me about the timing of breakthroughs and major insights.

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