Finding Activism In Art

Friday 15 May, 2020

For the third assignment (after The Space Between Stories and Make Peace With Your Truth) we were asked to seek the activism in the art we produce: ‘Describe an event where you took inspired action, and that created a result beyond anything you could have forced… not necessarily knowing how or whether it would “work,” but nonetheless operating from a feeling of inspiration, purpose, guidance — and maybe a bit of humour.

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Spoiler Alert

Wednesday 24 February, 2016

Don’t read the previous two entries! Now I’ve said that, basic human psychology suggests that you are much more likely to read them, so let me explain what I mean: Those last two pieces (‘Still Working’ and ‘Commitment To Yourself’) are the final two entries of my book, Evolution By Natural Reflection. The book tells the tale of my self-development, offering the reader the chance to reflect on their own life as they read. So if you want to know how the story ends, go ahead and read those two entries; but if you want the full story, it is available in a 650-page practical guide to personal growth. Here is an extract from the introduction:

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Three Years, Three Books

Friday 7 March, 2014

This blog is three years old today, and the writing it contains began 14 years ago today. When I first had the idea, I knew it was a good one, but I didn’t think it would serve me so well. Some people wondered whether it might be too personal to put my journals online. There were certainly occasions in the beginning when I debated whether or not to post particular entries, but it’s the nature of what I do, and this blog is my commitment to my work. Happy Birthday.

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A Reunion

Wednesday 5 February, 2014

I’m off to visit Karaj today. Aside from a couple of hours in his company a few years back, this is the first time I will have seen him since my training came to a close over ten years ago. I’ll be there for a week and, as part of my preparation, I talked the visit over with a close friend because he knows me, he knows my story, and he knows how all this works. During our discussion I wrote down the following:

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Launderette Insights

Tuesday 12 February, 2002

08.45 E&M 50 mins. I took the morning off and went to the launderette. While I was there, reading my book (Veronika Beschließt Zu Sterben – Paulo Coehlo), I realised that my naïvety is my greatest asset. It’s what carries me forward. That is why I make such progress. I talked to Karaj about it later and he said that my naïvety underpins my curiosity and together they result in me viewing my reality with a stubborn questioning as to why people seem to react differently to how I think they should react, causing me to want to know more and find out why.

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The Collaborative Process

Tuesday 12 December, 2000

Another good day working with Karaj in the loft. He reinforced the importance of sticking to my path. He says I’m searching for truth and must safeguard all that I have created in order to stay on my path.

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