Self-Doubt & Emergency Procedures

Wednesday 13 August, 2014

Once in a while I experience periods of self-doubt. They appear without warning, taint everything, strip me of my confidence, and make me question all that is important to me. It happened to me earlier this year; and last week it happened again. Fortunately, my experience and my writing tell me it doesn’t last forever and there are things I can do to help myself. This post looks at the process of dealing with the doubt, and highlights three aspects which helped to minimise the effect it had on me: (1) the value of recording events; (2) the use of emergency procedures; and (3) the awareness that there is more than one way to deal with things.

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Acceptance & Permission

Sunday 16 March, 2014

The previous post was all about dealing with undesirable situations in a procedural way. This one looks at the flip side of that approach, suggesting that sometimes it is better just to accept where and who we are, and give ourselves the permission to be. In doing so, we can relax and conserve our energy, or focus it more effectively, instead of struggling against what is often just a natural part of life’s process.

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Why We Need Boundaries

Friday 17 January, 2014

Establishing boundaries is a vital part of life. On the surface it looks to be more restrictive than liberating, but therein lies the paradox. Only when you set the boundaries do you have clarity about what is permitted and what is not. In sport, it is the rules and regulations which shape the game. In business we draft contracts which provide a precise framework for collaboration. Without rules every contest would quickly descend into chaos; a free-for-all with everyone doing whatever they wanted. Interestingly, one of the causes of the latest financial crisis was the deregulation of the institutions.

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Confidence & Self-Belief

Wednesday 16 January, 2013

Confidence is vital. In sport any competitor with confidence in their abilities will excel. In social situations it is a prized asset which allows those who possess it to move freely and comfortably from one interaction to another. And in business and politics it can be a highly persuasive attribute used to inspire or, sadly, to deceive. (The word con is an abbreviation of confidence.)

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Be With People

Friday 26 April, 2002

Again, I started the day being very quiet; remembering my seriousness. It is a strength of mine. When I begin to get jokey it all too often gets out of hand and I lose control. Later, I isolated myself, using lunch as a convenient pretext to be away from Karaj and Sunil who were fixing the lawnmower. I did get involved towards the end and was pleased to be able to play some part in fixing it. Wake up and be with people!

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Take Charge

Friday 1 March, 2002

07.20 E&M 40 mins. Feeling very tired today and not really with it. We were all given a lesson in taking charge this morning when the latest set of boards were delivered. All three of us, Sunil, Robert and myself, showed our subservience once again as we waited for Karaj to issue instructions. Take charge.

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Playing With Confidence

Saturday 23 December, 2000

Got up in time for breakfast in the pub and the rest of the day in the sports bar. We played cards and I noticed the difference between now and the past. In the past I would have been nervous about making mistakes, mistakes would have been made, Andy would have commented on them, and I would have felt deflated, small and upset. However, this time I played with confidence and concentration, with the attitude that it didn’t matter if I lost or made mistakes because it is all just a learning process. Andy seemed to make sure I was all right in a gentle, unobtrusive way – he’s still my big brother.

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He Does it With Confidence

Monday 20 November, 2000

Had lunch with Karaj and Arun. Karaj explained that all the things he does, all the ideas he has are simply methods to create openings. He does not know which of his ideas will work or bear fruit but the seeds of future, successful projects are often sown in the most unlikely ways. It is almost impossible to predict how things will pan out so why not try a host of different things. What is important, however, is that, regardless of the activity, everything must be undertaken with confidence.

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