Manipulative Behaviour

Monday 14 November, 2011

This post looks at some of the degrees of manipulative behaviour we exhibit in our everyday interactions, the comments we make, and the strategies we use; all of which are devised to elicit particular responses which perpetuate the psychological games (TA) we play.

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The Karpman Drama Triangle

Thursday 28 July, 2011

This is a beautifully simple tool which helps to highlight the kind of manipulative interactions (games) which occur on a regular basis, whether consciously or unconsciously. It looks like this:

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Relax, Enjoy Yourself

Thursday 3 May, 2001

06.30 E&M 60 mins. I found it difficult to get up this morning and I felt demotivated during the exercises. I wonder how it is possible to achieve consistency in my life such that even the minor fluctuations are ironed out.

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Walking His Own Path

Thursday 28 December, 2000

I return home today.  At the airport I said goodbye to Andy and to Kevin.  I had given Andy a couple of opportunities to get out of coming all the way to the airport – mostly because of my uncomfortable feelings about goodbyes – but he was adamant and stayed to see me all the way through passport control.  It has been a while since someone saw me off properly and as we waved to each other until the last possible moment I glimpsed the sensitivity of my brother which is normally so well hidden.  The negativity and cynicism serves to protect him from being hurt like he was when he was a child.  It saddens me because he is such a wonderful person, yet most people only see his temper and frustration.  In his cynicism he is very funny but I cannot help thinking that a part of him is crying out to be released – to be allowed to surface and flourish.  I am tearful.

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Verbalise My Feelings

Wednesday 6 December, 2000

Spent the afternoon preparing to put a hole in a wall with Karaj. Both of us felt fairly irritated this morning but, as usual, a little bit of manual labour sorted us both out. In the feedback session afterwards Karaj explained to me how important it is to verbalise my feelings. We talked about Monday’s session during which I said that I would prefer to continue with the work when we had more time.

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Training Day: Games & Drivers

Saturday 30 September, 2000


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