Dream Every Day

Monday 27 February, 2017

Take an hour or two from your schedule. Sit quietly and comfortably, undisturbed by your world, and dream. It’s a simple instruction requiring no interpretation because we all understand what it means. Dream without limitation and ignore the voice in your head which will want to convince you that something isn’t possible. Dream whatever you want. Be free and unrestricted, just like you used to be when the day’s agenda held only play and imagination.

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Eleven Days In La La Land

Thursday 12 January, 2017

For a number of reasons I was drawn to watch the same film again and again. Five times in eleven days, in fact. La La Land is a hugely uplifting film imbued with the innocence of love, the naivety of dreams, and the single-minded determination which passion for anything brings. I found myself crying and laughing simultaneously, tapping my feet from the very start, and captivated throughout. I lost myself in the unspoken force of facial expressions, was touched deeply by the songs and the sentiment, and smiled with my whole body at the uncomplicated beauty of love and life. But this post is not about the film; it’s about what happens when you watch something closely and repeatedly. One’s own life, for example.

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What We’re Up Against

Wednesday 22 October, 2014

I posted a journal entry recently, from 11 years ago (My Mind At Work’). It was the most difficult entry of all to post because it denigrates the man who helped changed my life. I debated with myself and consulted those close to me on whether or not to publish. It would have been easy not to, but in the end I had little choice because the entry provides important insight into the power of the mind (and script) to undermine our entire process. Back then, I had been warned that such a phase would come, but still I felt powerless to do anything. I was even aware what was happening at the time – as can be seen from a line in the previous day’s entry – but still it seemed there was nothing I could do about it:

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Desperate To Belong

Tuesday 19 August, 2014

We talked into the early hours of the morning, and he explained to me how I am torn between my need to belong and my desire to go my own way. For years I have been frustrated by the world and my place in it, feeling that if only the world were more like me, then I wouldn’t have to struggle in isolation. In my moments of clarity I reprimand myself, saying it’s my problem, not the world’s, and that if I really had the courage of my own convictions I would stride on down my chosen path, without the need for the world to come with me and keep me company.

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I Created My Environment

Monday 12 May, 2014

Following on from the previous post, Be Careful What You Wish For, this one uses the example of my training group to further the idea that we are capable of wishing situations into existence. We create the environments we desire, whatever the desire. Within the context of my story and the lives of the people who played their part during that time, the reason our respective paths converged was twofold:

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Friday 1 April, 2011

If you can be clear about what it is you want, then it’s already on its way. The rest is pretty straightforward. It’s about recognising and taking the opportunities as they come your way, which they will. And you will see the opportunities, because you are focused on what it is you want to achieve.

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Launderette Insights

Tuesday 12 February, 2002

08.45 E&M 50 mins. I took the morning off and went to the launderette. While I was there, reading my book (Veronika Beschließt Zu Sterben – Paulo Coehlo), I realised that my naïvety is my greatest asset. It’s what carries me forward. That is why I make such progress. I talked to Karaj about it later and he said that my naïvety underpins my curiosity and together they result in me viewing my reality with a stubborn questioning as to why people seem to react differently to how I think they should react, causing me to want to know more and find out why.

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Dreams & Visions

Thursday 8 November, 2001

As I finished my breakfast I had a vision of me in my own house or flat eating healthy breakfasts every day. I began to dream. A flat in Germany… a country obsessed with health… a cottage in Wales… fresh air… six months in Germany… six months in Wales…working hard in Germany… returning to Wales to write my books… I am a writer… support from Robert… next year, a year of writing with Karaj… writing books which will help me and help others… inviting the men from the group to my cottage in Wales for prolonged stays… living my life… contributing to others… people coming to Wales to benefit from my company… daring to dream.

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Looking Back Over My Original Goals

Friday 9 February, 2001

Aubrey was around last night, which was a pleasant surprise. It was nice to see him, we chatted for a while and around midnight I went to bed. I thought to myself that if I can get up at 6am after this late night then I really have made good progress this week. I made it out of bed without too much trouble although I was tempted on a couple of occasions within the first 15 minutes of exercise to go back to bed. As I moved to look at the full moon before I began my routine, I noticed that my back felt freer than it usually does in the morning. I exercised slowly and consciously. I am in no rush to reach any particular goal. My achievement is that I get up every morning and the natural consequence of that achievement will be strength, health and fitness. Gently does it.

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Dreams, Facts & Celebration

Thursday 30 November, 2000

Karaj and I talked about my inability to see the facts. I am looking for reassurances that things will work out when all the facts are there. Everything Karaj and I have done together has worked out perfectly and that’s is all I need to know. I also need to keep in mind that Karaj is there with me. I have his support. There is no need to cut myself off and be alone. My success is his success. His aim is to see me and all his clients be independent and to win in life.

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Imagined & Real

Wednesday 16 August, 2000

I have noticed over the last 36 hours that I am getting angry at hypothetical situations. This has been a trait of mine for many years and was prevalent during my time as a young man who desperately wanted the world to change and for people to wake up to themselves. My thoughts drift to an imagined scenario or conversation. I imagine how the conversation will go and run through it in my head. I quickly lose my patience and become angry with the other person and eventually lose control of the situation. The scenario is imagined but the resulting anger and frustration are real. It doesn’t occur so often these days but it has happened 4 or 5 times over the last two days.

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A Vision

Saturday 1 April, 2000

A brief, afternoon discussion with Karaj and Kuldip about working together has helped me bring into sharper focus the thoughts I had when I left Germany a year ago.

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