No More.

Monday 22 June, 2020

Someone once told me about a belief in the absence of proportionality. It means that whatever your action, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, it changes everything. (I wrote about something similar in the piece, We Change The World.)  Essentially, if you do good to someone, you do good to the whole world. Nothing is considered small. Every gesture contributes to the whole. Everything you do makes a difference.

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We All Need Attention

Monday 8 September, 2014

We yearn for attention because we need it. As social animals, attention, acknowledgment and physical contact are fundamental to our development and continued health. Yet most of us have no idea how important our need is, nor how strongly it affects us. Studies of people’s brains in fMRI scanners have shown that (social) rejection affects the same part of the brain associated with physical pain, which is why solitary confinement in prisons is such a bleak and damaging punishment. It hurts to be excluded and ignored, and we are likely to do whatever is necessary to make sure it doesn’t happen.

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Manipulative Behaviour

Monday 14 November, 2011

This post looks at some of the degrees of manipulative behaviour we exhibit in our everyday interactions, the comments we make, and the strategies we use; all of which are devised to elicit particular responses which perpetuate the psychological games (TA) we play.

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The Karpman Drama Triangle

Thursday 28 July, 2011

This is a beautifully simple tool which helps to highlight the kind of manipulative interactions (games) which occur on a regular basis, whether consciously or unconsciously. It looks like this:

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Time Structuring

Thursday 7 April, 2011

This is how Transactional Analysis defines our use of time. It is an example of the simplicity of TA because whatever we are doing, it falls into one of only six categories. More importantly, knowing that these steps form an effective social procedure and that each of the first four elements is necessary for constructive, engaging interactions, will improve how we relate to each other and create more effective connections.

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I Wish I Could See What He Sees

Wednesday 16 July, 2003

Karaj: ‘You have to keep on giving and know that your environment is a reflection of yourself.’ I met with Calvin prior to his social services complaints mediation meeting. In the meeting I took notes as usual and the complaints were sorted to Calvin’s wife’s satisfaction.

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He Doesn’t Waste A Second

Sunday 8 June, 2003

Supervision (Karaj, Priya, Dev, Simran, Shona). Karaj told everyone that they do not meet the minimum standard to work with him and that, if he moves on, he is taking me with him. He also commented that ‘the other negativity this past week has been Priya.’ In her feedback Priya realised that she disappears very quickly in her head, just like Ishwar. Calvin phoned with his weekly report. He felt good as a result of writing things down: ‘I didn’t realise I had done so much.’ Exactly.

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Serving Others

Sunday 27 April, 2003

The five of us sat together once Dev, Simran and Kuldip had arrived. As Karaj highlighted yesterday, the Asians in the group are a gift. They have given me a perspective on relating to white people. It’s so much easier now. When Karaj and I go out into the world people will be equally difficult to communicate with so I need the practice, because I cannot afford to react emotionally in such situations.

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No Stone Left Unturned

Thursday 24 April, 2003

The following comments have been taken from the last 11 days of notes. They highlight how challenging the environment has become. Every little transgression or miscommunication is being challenged; every emotional response is a signpost to a pattern of behaviour. There was no hiding place for anyone and it was precisely this approach which meant that, if we wanted to expose our conditioning and behaviour in order to be able to face it head on, no stone could be left unturned.

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So Easily Sucked In

Wednesday 10 July, 2002

Shona phoned me to say that she would not be planting flowers today as we had agreed to do together. She was very apologetic and this took me back. It was as if she was letting me down, which was not the case. In the end, when she said, ‘I will do it’, I found myself saying, ‘Make sure you do’. I had become the unwitting persecutor of someone who had so obviously placed themselves in the victim position. When I told Karaj this he explained that this is what Shona does.

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How I Manipulated Everyone

Sunday 7 July, 2002

I tried to print out my vision statement from 9th May this morning but the printer just kept throwing out pages of nothing. I had read it and discounted it, believing it to be insufficient and sub-standard. This would pave the way for behaviour which Karaj described as brilliant because I managed to suck my entire team into believing that I had no vision. It was a convincing performance because I was convinced that I had no vision. I felt the vision I had was not good enough. There, again, is my trait of putting myself down. Cut this out.

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On The Edge Of A Breakthrough

Saturday 23 March, 2002

07.55 E&M 30 mins. I felt tired, in pain, and resentful. The pain was caused by my back – after yesterday’s physical work my pelvis has sprung back to its unbalanced position which is both depressing and uncomfortable. The resentment is the same as it always is when I feel it. I cannot seem to get on top of it and it causes me to become irritable, argumentative and fall into my fuck-you attitude, the ultimate conclusion to which is to throw everything into the air and walk away.

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Emotional Games

Sunday 17 March, 2002

Karaj told me that everything will come together for me in about five years’ time. It’s just like it was learning German, just a little tougher – this is life.

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Keep On Trying

Thursday 21 February, 2002

07.00 E&M 50 mins. Started the day with the feeling I’d done something wrong. The reason for this is because I am not being straight with people when I know that’s exactly what I should be doing. I try to be polite with people and end up being manipulative (game playing), instead of being straight with them.

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