A Vision For My Future

Wednesday 8 October, 2014

This post is for me. They all are really, but as one period of my life reaches its natural conclusion, the intention behind this piece is to define my pathway for the next phase of my development. I have referenced the imminent end to this blog on numerous occasions, but now there are only 16 days before the final journal entry is published, and it is becoming clear why my time at the house came to an end. In the last entries my annoyance reaches its peak and, whilst there are sporadic windows of relief and reassurance that everything might be fine if I stayed, there is a creeping inevitability about my departure.

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Trying To Prove Myself

Sunday 24 August, 2003

Yesterday, on the final part of my journey to the house, I bumped into a very old friend, Will, with whom I had long since lost contact. It was lovely to see him again; especially considering that our last meeting in 1997 had not been the best. When I talked to him about how little I have – whilst my friends all have houses, relationships, families, good jobs, cars and money – he offered me some perspective because he has even less than I do. He helped me see that I have more than I realise. Much more.

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Challenged All Day

Saturday 14 September, 2002

Karaj told me I am fucking around and not using the group to make my life easier. I get the group going and then stop us all from reaching the next level. Use the to-do list and make use of its power. Check it all the time. Use if fully for a year and I will change.

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