A Chance To Heal

Wednesday 25 September, 2019

Another workshop, another 4 hours spent concentrating on the body. Presence, was the first point on the flip-chart list. Another seven would appear during the course of the afternoon, as the teacher continually emphasised that it is not about the exercises. It’s about the work you do whilst exercising. It’s about alignment, stability and calm. And it’s about letting go. More words on the list – just a handful of many possible points of attention.

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Patience & Foundations

Monday 25 February, 2019

It has been three months since I lost it with a friend over having to sell myself for the sake of my work. We resolved the issue very effectively and in the intervening period we have moved at a rate which has brought us to a place of abundance. We now have a new website, with another one in development; we are filming videos for both sites; I have begun recording a podcast series; and we have a clear direction, with what feels like formidable momentum.

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The Team & The Individual

Monday 15 October, 2018

The best thing you can do for your team is to work on yourself. If everyone does that, and people support each other in their respective development, the team will grow and mature. So, too, will the individual. PRACTICE and DISCIPLINE are the foundations of the work. They are qualities you will need to return to again and again as you seek to change certain habits. It can be difficult at first, but if you pay close attention you will be able to SEE YOUR PROGRESS, no matter how small. And it’s important that you see the small steps, because if you wait for the big leaps you will easily become downhearted.

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Innate Motivation

Friday 12 August, 2011

This is the stuff we carry inside of us. When we have it we don’t need persuading, we don’t need added incentives and we don’t need much by way of reward. When we have innate motivation, we do things because it is easier to do them than not do them.

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From Resentment To Appreciation

Saturday 28 June, 2003

Four of us went for breakfast. I felt annoyed at the prospect of the day. I don’t want people around. Although if I were alone I’d probably still be annoyed. When I mentioned it, Karaj responded by saying: ‘The day you stop being annoyed with these people is the day we can move on. You need to be fully focused on yourself.

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Not Doing The Basics

Sunday 17 November, 2002

During the first hour of the day, as we tidied the house, Dev, Simran and myself were all isolated; no teamwork. When I realised this I brought us together and we got to work on the agenda items. Even then we still managed to isolate ourselves: I was finishing Simran’s letter to his insurers, Simran was drawing his PAC circles and Dev was rewriting his learning points after Karaj had told him in the Women’s Group last night that we lacked any power.

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A Distinct Lack Of Teamwork

Saturday 16 November, 2002

In last night’s session, Simran had talked about the need for teamwork: when one member is down the others can take on his work. This was the first item on the list of agenda items for the weekend and was ticked off by Ishwar after being instructed by Dev, even though it had Simran’s name next to it. This would form the main challenge for the whole of the weekend: that we ticked off an item about teamwork when, in fact, we don’t work as a team. Priya and Karaj arrived at 22.15 and for the rest of the session Simran and Dev were challenged that they allowed/encouraged the item to be ticked when we are not a team.

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