We Change Anyway

Saturday 24 November, 2012

This week was the final session. The last in a series of nine workshops I have been running over the last six months with a team in Amsterdam. The main goal was to enhance the group’s communication and personal development by raising their level of awareness. This post is a reminder to them that they have achieved more than they may realise. It also highlights that the power of development work can be found in the simplest of comments.

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Internal Dialogues

Tuesday 9 October, 2012

We all talk to ourselves, whether in full conversations or just one-liners. The things we say can be destructive, corrective, empowering or belittling. Some are deliberate, whilst others are less conscious; a background noise of barely noticeable messages which nonetheless have a potent effect on our well-being. The dismissive remarks range from casual admonishments for the everyday mistakes we make – spilling a drink or walking into a glass door – to the more harmful comments with which we put ourselves down.

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Stay With The Confusion

Saturday 26 July, 2003

My day began at 09:00 with a planning meeting with Karaj. It finished at 03:00 after yet another of many conversations with him about my confusion surrounding my place in the house and whether to stay or leave. Throughout the day there were eight of us present (Karaj, Michelle, Serena, Calvin, Dev, Priya, Ishwar and me) and we spent the day digging the utility block and having supervision sessions.

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Getting In First

Wednesday 23 October, 2002

Yesterday evening I had a brief call with Calvin’s wife. She sounded busy, tired and weighed down. The complaint procedure is slow. Her son is settling into school okay but she is still not happy about the school. Today Calvin informed me that she has requested I attend the complaints meeting with her and Calvin.

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At Face Value

Saturday 23 February, 2002

07.30 E&M 35 mins. Karaj and I talked this morning about tangential transactions: the way he gets his message across to people by talking in front of them to another person. I told him he is also very straight with people – Robert for example. I am unable to be as straight. Karaj told me this is because I create internal aggression when I try, which then manifests itself outside. Robert is the same, which explains the initial tension between us whenever we get together.

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Woke up at 9am and ate my normal fruit breakfast, but I continued to eat here and there throughout the morning. I noticed just how easy it is to eat and how it creates excitement. It also provides a distraction for me when I don’t want to face my issues. So, I do eat to avoid something. Going without requires discipline.

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Analysis & Clues

Thursday 18 May, 2000

Yesterday I received a phone call from Eric inviting me down to London a day earlier to spend the night with some of the boys. Initially I was excited although I don’t particularly like one of the group. I told him I would give it some thought.

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Becoming Aware of the Games

Friday 5 May, 2000

In a heavy meeting with Kuldip, Karaj showed us how Kuldip and Samantha both suck people into their games, and how Samantha confuses me, leaving me wondering what on earth’s going on.

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